Best Movie Theme Songs

Music is a huge part of any movie, and we have to agree that sometimes, it is even the best part. However, in most cases, epic movies feature really epic music, and it is totally possible to get incredible pleasure by simply listening to the most famous audiotracks, even without watching the film.

The best movie theme songs actually get awards as well as films themselves. So if you want to know what theme songs were considered some of the best, check out our incredible list of masterpieces.

The Sound Masterpieces

Different people have different opinions on that aspect, but in general, most movie fans agree about the best music in films, including, but not limited to the following pieces:

  • There Is No Plan (Transformers)

This is a pretty calm melody that makes a good background for the movie scenes.

  • The Breaking of the Fellowship (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)

This moment is crucial for the plot of the story, and this very track underlines the feeling that from this moment on, something changes. This melody is considered one of the best in the whole trilogy.

  • The Sacrifice of Faramir (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King)

Another epic piece for an epic moment. One of the most powerful pieces in the third part of the trilogy.

  • One of the DĂșnedain (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers)

Aragorn is one of the most important characters in the story, and this music nicely reflects him as a person.

  • A Small Measure of Peace (The Last Samurai)

Although this piece is not particularly Japanese as one could actually expect, it manages to communicate the peace of mind as a condition discussed in the movie.

  • Injection (Mission: Impossible)

A nice dynamic piece to support the action on screen.

  • Becoming One Of The People: Becoming One With Neytiri (Avatar)

This is the most touching moment in Avatar, and the piece adds to the impression.

  • Gone (Snow White & The Huntsman)

One of the best soundtracks ever, underlining outer silence and an inner anxiety that the heroes feel, incredibly simple and powerful piece.

  • Opening Theme (Sherlock Holmes)

One of the good dynamic audio tracks with a typical character.

  • Main Theme (Pirates of the Caribbean)

This main theme is considered one of the most genius pieces in the history of movies.

  • Budget Meeting (King Arthur)

Although this variation of the story caused disputes among the fans, the music is good.

  • If I had a heart (Vikings Series Theme Song)

Vikings is not a movie, but its soundtrack cannot be left without attention. Its piercing beauty combines cruelty and brutality with the cold and elegant beauty of the North.

  • Main Theme (Game of Thrones)

Cannot help ourselves not mentioning another genius musical track for series. Game of Thrones music is among the top in the industry.

  • Main Theme (Harry Potter)

One of the most beloved Universes of magic among children and adults alike. The main theme perfectly fits the whole atmosphere.

Enjoy the best music whenever you want it!

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