The Best Movie Websites

Watching movies is a great option for spending a pleasant evening, or have a movie watching party with friends, or organize a romantic evening for your loved one. However, some people get completely lost when they face the necessity to choose the website for watching a film, and this is especially true when one has to choose the actual film.

Some websites offer great search options, or provide widgets with new movies that have come out recently. Other websites provide awful user experience, and the website download time is ridiculously long. Other websites still have loads of adds, and you cannot watch even 5 minutes of a movie without watching ten ad videos and closing pop-ups all the time.

All these issues really spoil the experience of watching movies, and instead of having a cool time, you get annoyed and pissed off, and the whole evening goes crazy or boring.

If you do not want to spoil your film watching party, it is better to know the best websites in advance, and plan what you are going to watch and where, exactly. So, check out these best movie websites that provide you with an awesome choice of films any time you access them:

  • StreamLikers – one of the best platforms for streaming of movies, series, or even television in case you want to watch some news on a bigger screen.
  • Putlocker – there is a bunch of these websites for different countries, and you can search for the one that is available particularly for your country. Or, you can just use the general website and find what content is available on it from your country. If you are not sure, or cannot find the content you would like to check out, you can download a reliable VPN and change your IP for getting access to movies that are restricted from your place geographically.
  • GoMoviesHD – this website, as it is obvious from its name, offers movies and series with HD quality. One of the outstanding features of this platform is that it is possible to find videos from very different countries, not just the most “popular” ones.
  • OpenloadfreeTV is another free streaming platform to enjoy films online. One of the best aspects about it is absence of advertisement, and the access is always free.
  • 123Movies.Ic offers all the newest releases you can see without registration and free of charge.
  • NetflixMovie. This is a very popular and convenient site to watch any movies and series, from old ones to the newest releases. The only aspect is that the users have to sign up for the platform.
  • WorldTV24 – mostly used for streaming television shows and documentaries. The website has lots of ads, and the homepage looks a bit spammy, but overall the user experience is pleasant.
  • Afdah platform offers great user experience, and the user can search for videos by different categories like genre and year.
  • LimeTorrents is used not only not for movies, but also for downloading games, music, TV shows and everything else you can find.

There are more of free sites, so make sure you find the one that suits you most.

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